Welcome on board!
        What awaits you in our simulation cockpit?
You can experience and help shape events in the cockpit during a complete scheduled flight, or you can practice starting and landing only. During a scheduled flight, we plan the route of your choice together, and discuss departure, the approach to our destination airport, and, with the help of real flight maps, the flight paths along the way - all of this done, of course, in view of real weather conditions discussed during the so-called briefing. If you wish, we can discuss all flight procedures in great detail. While still at the gate and before starting the turbines, we use a checklist to get the aircraft ready, tank up, input various flight dates and plans in the onboard computer (via MCDU), and start the auxiliary power unit (APU), among other things.

taxi          seite
Then we are lead by air traffic controllers (when available online), receive pushback and taxi clearance, and drive along the taxiway to the assigned runway. Once we receive clearance for takeoff, we roll along the runway and accelerate our machine. We hear and feel authentic vibrations from the turbines and landing gear, but soon we lift off and climb smoothly into the sky. We fly along the planned route in real time - if you prefer, through real weather conditions too - and after our planned flight time is over, we land punctually at our destination. Along the way we discuss all cockpit and aircraft functions in detail. Finally, we discuss the completed flight during the so-called debriefing.


You can enjoy this flight simply as an interested observer in the First Officer’s seat or

you can take on sole flying responsibility as Pilot Flying, in which case we will support you as a Pilot Not Flying.

Have a look to our flight-videos:
Munich > Salzburg  - -  Salzburg > Innsbruck  - -  Innsbruck > Bozen (Dolomiti)

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For our real weather representation we use "FS Global Real Weather" from ... pilots

*)  Our "Cockpit-Simulator" is a faithful rebuilded Cockpit (M 1:1) of an Airbus A320 with all its functions, gauges and control-elements,
but it is not supported by the Airbus company. "Airbus" and "A320" are registerd trademarks of Airbus S.A.S / Airbus Deutschland GmbH.